Or “like yourself more”.

Either way.

I overextended my self-loathing quota in 2017.

These are my guidelines for a less neurotic 2018.

You can follow them too, if ya wanna.

  1. limit your vices

    Quitting [bad habit] outright hasn’t worked for you. Stick to attainable limits: “I’ll only do [bad habit] on weekends.” etc.

  2. go somewhere you’ve always wanted to

    The years you go places make better memories. Figure out the logistics and commit before you find a reason not to.

  3. talk to loved ones often

    Visit them and ask about their lives. Set a weekly reminder in your phone to call them. Whatever’s geographically feasible.

  4. say yes to fun

    Release some dopamine. Feel some human connectivity. Unless “fun” is drugs. Then say no. SAY NO TO DRUGS!

  5. say no to obligations 

    Quit being so available. People won’t hate you for saying no. Yup, this is basically the opposite of #4. You’ll figure it out.

  6. read books

    You know how happy you are when you’re captivated by words.

  7. learn a thing

    If you learn just one thing a year, you’ll eventually know a lot of things.

  8. reject the fear of death

    It’s too powerful. In order to be present-minded, try ignoring the inevitable demise of you and everybody/thing you love.

  9. ask questions

    They make anxiety go away. And you learn stuff.

  10. smile and bare it

    Tired? Agitated? Throw on an ironic smile. Worst case, you’ll look stoned.

  11. expect lessBe happy when people are good, not mad when they’re bad.
  12. give more

    For that pleasant tingle of self righteous purpose.

  13. question your narrative

    Stop telling yourself bad things about you. Pretend you’re the greatest and see what happens. Except at dancing. You suck at dancing.

  14. do one thing at a time

    Escape the clusterf*ck of projects and ambitions. Spend a few months finishing x, then try y.

  15. be frugal

    Remember those times you were broke AF and somehow thrived? That felt good. Banish your spare cash to savings and live like you’re broke again.

  16. get fresh air

    Like, fresh fresh. It’s rejuvenating.

  17. stop binging

    Sure, you indulged. You’ll feel better tomorrow having eaten two cookies instead of 20. Keep the floodgates closed!

  18. write

    This is the first thing you’ve written in months. It’s a preachy listicle and you don’t care because IT FELT GOOD to write it. Do this more often.