Something I’ve been meaning to do since starting Self Actual is to share a monthly round-up of the best articles about self-actualization, self-improvement, social commentary, and, well, whatever else happens to be well-written and/or interesting.

So here we are, the very first round-up. My favourite five articles from the month of October, to be exact.

Read and enjoy, and make sure to shout out the authors and show them some love if you enjoy their work.


50 Ways I Want to Live My Life

By: Noah Omdal | Website | Twitter | Medium 


It’s clearly written and to the point. The 50 pieces of advice are valuable and thoughtfully curated. The subtitle injects some early humour.

Did I agree with all 50 points? Of course not. But, overall, a great piece.

Thanks for packing a tonne of value into this one, Noah.


Stop Acting Like Mental Illness Is Cute And Trendy — It’s Literally The Opposite.

By: Jessica Wilson | Thought Catalog | Instagram


The writing in this piece is brave, thorough, and convincing. I appreciate the author’s courage in speaking her truth about a topic that is sensitive to many. She shows respect for those who are dealing with mental illness while condemning those who wear the label like it’s a fashion trend.

And I agree. For every person who is struggling with a real mental illness, there is another who hides behind a misplaced diagnosis because they fail to realize that sadness and anxiety are normal parts of life that we all have to deal with.

Honestly, I can’t stand the expression ‘on-point’, but this article is sooo on-point.

Thanks Jessica for saying what needs to be said.


Anxiety is An Invalid Excuse

By: Kelly Wynne | Website | Twitter | Instagram


Now that we’ve opened up a dialogue about anxiety and depression, let’s keep it going. This is a poignant and effective piece that makes a powerful claim about what anxiety really feels like.

It was so recent that the stigma about mental illness meant that people weren’t willing to talk about it, so victims suffered in silence. Now, the stigma seems to stem from the fact that too many people talk about it, so victims aren’t taken seriously.

I appreciate the clarity and honesty of Kelly’s writing, and I especially appreciate the follow-up pieces she’s published detailing her progress in coping with anxiety. As somebody who has also struggled with depression and eventually recovered, I have tremendous respect for Kelly’s openness and strong-headedness through this experience.

It appears that the author has gained some well-deserved recognition for this piece. Congrats, Kelly!


How to Network as an Introvert 

By: Molly Clifton | Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 


I first encountered Molly Clifton, aka Style Miss Molly, when she replied to one of the weekly emails I send to Self Actual Community members, so I was naturally an instant fan (if you are a Self Actual reader, I will love you forever). After that, I entered her universe of good vibes and impeccable fashion. I’m not exactly her target demographic but I enjoy the content she shares because of her positive energy.

Anyways, I was super surprised to learn that Molly is an introvert. She seems so outgoing and willing to connect with people! Then again, being introverted isn’t about being anti-social. It’s about needing to recharge with some alone time after socializing.

What I’m getting at is, Molly is the kind of person whose advice I take seriously when she says “this is how to network as an introvert” – she clearly knows what she is talking about.

This is a great read for all of the introverts out there who shudder at the very thought of networking and could use some actionable advice for making social events enjoyable experiences.


Help the People You Love — By Letting Go and Allowing Them to Discover

By: Christopher Conners | Website | Medium | Twitter | Facebook


You know the famous quote, “If you love someone, set them free”?

This article is like that quote, but a lot more detailed, and useful, and entertaining.

What starts off as a heartfelt and comical anecdote about a tear-filled adventure to drop his son off at pre-school for the first time, transforms into a powerful commentary on power and what it means to truly support the people you love most.

Christopher is a talented writer with a strong sense of morality and I’m glad to have stumbled upon his work.

It looks like he’s preparing to launch a book, so if you enjoy this article, consider following Christopher to stay updated on the release date.

That’s it for October! Thank you to the talented writers whose work was featured. I’m grateful to have discovered all of you.