We all have creativity within us. With confidence, inspiration and a bit of luck, we all have the potential to create something incredible. However, sometimes the rhythm of daily life can leave us feeling restricted – far from creative. When this feeling strikes you can challenge yourself to inspire creativity.

Challenge the Rules

Humans develop rules because they regulate our behavior and keep us safe. Some rules are explicit (do not steal) while others are implicit (bathe regularly).

In marketing, rules are developed to regulate our content. Many of these rules are assumed; commercials need a slogan; videos need a logo; business cards need a headshot. Rules of this sort also regulate our behavior and keep us ‘safe’.

Therein lies the problem: safe is not in any way creative. Take a look at your thesaurus and you’ll see that safe is synonymous with ‘guarded’ and ‘shielded’ while creative is synonymous with ‘inspired’ and ‘original’.

Safe is not an option.

Challenge these rules. Ask yourself: Why am I doing what I am doing? Is it necessary? Why is it necessary and according to whom? What happens if I do things differently?

You might find that the rules are in place for a reason. But more than likely you’ll find that the rules you’ve followed under the guise of ‘safety’ have enslaved your creativity and prevented its growth.

Challenge your Assumptions

You do not need to be ‘a creative’ in order to be creative.

There are too many assumptions about creativity and the ‘creatives’ that supposedly wield it. One might assume, for example, that because you’re in real estate and not the music industry that you cannot be creative as a musician. This assumption is as false as it is unfair.

Creativity is not exclusive to certain people or professions. Creativity is not an appearance or a resume or a reputation.

Creativity is a universal attribute; it can be born from anybody at any time in any shape or form. It is inspiration; the seed of an idea that when nourished can reach its full potential.

We all have creativity within us. The key to actually being creative is as simple as doing vs. not doing. Are you willing to devote the time and effort to grow that idea from seed to flower? Or are you going to let it wither away?

Challenge your Approach

I have two boys, one is 5 and the other is 3. The older boy is cerebral and generally laid back while the younger boy has what I would describe as a bulldog’s temperament. If I approach the latter as I approach the former, I’ll get punched in the head (seriously!). So I have to be flexible, keep an open mind and approach the ‘bulldog’ differently than I would the ‘brain’.

Creativity is no different. Like children, the creative process can be spontaneous and unpredictable. It’s so easy to get trapped in a particular way of doing things. It worked once so therefore it will work again.

But when you’re dealing with something as unpredictable as creativity you need to be flexible. What worked for the last project will not invariably work for the next, and applying the same approach while expecting the same outcome can result in a reproduction of your previous efforts. Reproduction is by definition unoriginal and therefore not creative.

Challenge your approach. When you get trapped, escape. When you get bored, get busy. Move, alter, adapt, and change.

Creativity often flourishes in response to the challenges it endures.