When you’re a nobody, you can edit, delete, revise. Nobody is searching for your missteps and blemishes, the naive comments and unflattering images.

When you’re a nobody, you have time to be and become yourself. There’s no pressure to maintain the persona which first caught the public eye. You can change everything without disappointing those who adore you the most.

When you’re a nobody, you can go outside without having your photo taken, without being stopped over and over again by people who only want a selfie or an autograph, who only want a minute of your time.

When you’re a nobody, there’s no pressure to speak. You’re free to sit back and listen, to carefully form your opinions.

When you’re a nobody, you’re allowed to look ugly. You can go outside in sweats without the media calling it a fashion statement.

When you’re a nobody, people are nice to you because they like you. You don’t have to worry about what they’re trying to gain.

When you’re a nobody, you’re allowed to be a somebody — a real somebody, with good days and bad days and mistakes that get erased by the passing of time. You’re given a life instead of an exhibition, a life you’re free to live without overdosing in a hotel room after finally breaking under the pressure of it all.

This outfit was a news story.

never thought I’d write this but respect to Justin Bieber — he didn’t choose this path and I’ve never been a fan but I can confidently say I wouldn’t cope as well as him.

Being known and respected and important is appealing. Many people do it well. You’re allowed to want that. When you spend enough time being a nobody, you come to understand the kind of attention you’d like and how to gain it on your own terms.

For most of us, the expectations from family and friends are enough. Waking up to a surplus of emails can push us to our stress threshold — why won’t you people just leave me alone!?

Celebrities my age are dying from self-inflicted means and I never realized till I got here just how young your twenties are. You never realize till you get there just how young 19 or 27 or 42 or 65 are, and when you do you thank God that people aren’t obsessing over what you did five years ago or eagerly anticipating what you’ll do next.

Rest in Peace to Mac Miller and Avicii and Heath Ledger and Prince and Robin Williams and the stomach-wrenching list of all the rest. It seems you gave more than you got. We thank you for your art and we promise to work towards a culture in which your fulfillment could exist.

If we do something great, most of us would love to be known for it. Until then, let’s be thankful that we’re nobodies.